Thursday, 31 July 2008

I know that it's Thursday, but.....

I know that I usually reserve the Stop the Stupid posts for Fridays, but I am going to be taking a long weekend away and I didn't want you all to miss the abject stupidity that is still pervasive throughout our society. So while it may by 24 hours early, it is no less stupid. So here we go.

1. This week saw the second highest paid female actress in the movies today, the magnificent Keira Knightely, disclose that she has told publicists for her latest movie The Duchess to keep their airbrushes off of her breasts. It seems that in some of her previous films, she was stunned to find her "girls" digitally enhanced from their regular "A" to a more fan-friendly "C"!! Keira isn't telling young girls something that they haven't heard before, in that all of those images of stars, models and various others that appear on magazine covers, movies and television are digitally manipulated to the point that the subjects are sometimes unrecognizable. Kate Winslet, Faith Hill and now Keira Knightley are all women who have benefited from this system and have had the courage to speak out against this disgraceful distortion of women's body images. Until we as a society stop playing into the media's ideas of what is ideal, we will continue sending a dangerous and stupid message to our daughters. Keira Knightley should get a standing ovation and the producers and publicists of her movie should receive a big wet raspberry!!

2. It seems that since the idiot of Pennsylvania Avenue is becoming increasingly marginalized and less relevant, he is covered less by the media. Not only that, it is the summer and even stupidity has the right to take some vacation. In that vein I offer a retro Bushism from 2004. "I'm honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein." There are just no words!!

3. It was announced yesterday in Beijing, that contrary to both IOC and Beijing organizers repeated assurances, there will in fact be some Internet censorship and media blocks in place throughout the Olympic Games that begin next week. Not only that, it seems that the IOC was complicit in this agreement. Well, DUH!!!!! A moron could have seen that one coming. It seems that the Chinese government is very concerned that the world's media will report on sensitive issues such as human right's violations, the Tibetan monks and the Falun Gong religious sect. The Chinese argue that these stories have nothing to do with the Games and as such have no place in the media centres or on their web-servers. They have also blocked such hate-mongering sites as Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders, a Paris based media watch-dog. I have some very strong opinions about these Games in general, (are you stunned?) but this travesty has been 8 years in the making. The sycophants at the IOC sold these Games for the big bucks and nothing, not China's abhorrent human rights record, nor it's back room support of the Darfur government and it's ongoing complicity in it's genocide was going to move these bastards off of their monetary goals. The fact that any deal was struck to suppress a free and honest media coverage is more than stupid, it is despicable.

4. A Missouri woman is claiming that she found Jesus in a bag of Cheetos! It seems that Kelly Ramey got more than she bargained for from her bag of snacks and that one of her puffs resembles Jesus on the cross to her. Not only that, she has dubbed the puff "Cheesus" and plans to sell it on the internet. Give me a break. Now far be it from me to intrude on anybody's religious beliefs, but I find it very hard to believe that the image of Jesus is in a bag of Cheetos, or on a piece of burned toast or on a bathroom wall at Tim's. When will people understand that the image that we all have of Jesus is an artist's rendering. Given that the man was a semite from the MIddle East, it is more likely he would have resembled my Israeli cousin than Ted Neely who portrayed him in Jesus Christ Superstar! I think that we should leave prayer where it belongs and take it out of the stupid realm of snack food!

5. I just love this story. The governor of Washington state, a lovely looking woman by the name of Chris Gregoire was recently "carded" at a local watering hole in Olympia Washington. It seems that after the governor and some of her staff had served burgers at a state fairgrounds, the group headed for a bar called Hannah's in the downtown core. The governor was stopped at the door by the part-time bouncer and refused entry because she didn't have ID. The problem with this: THE GOVERNOR OF WASHINGTON STATE IS 61 YEARS OLD!!!! Now granted, she is a young looking 61, but 61 is still 61. While I am certain that the governor has found tremendous humour and flattery in this incident, the bouncer and the bar are looking pretty stupid.

6. This week the Gallup organization released two new polls with three separate results as to the preference of American voters in the presidential election. One poll of registered voters showed Obama up by 8 points while another of likely voters showed McCain up by 4 points. The third, an overall poll showed Obama up by as much as 12 points. So, what gives? Most pundits believe absolutely nothing except the ridiculousness of polling. There have been experts falling over themselves to attempt to explain the discrepancies, but it is becoming increasingly clear that polling is becoming much less scientific than in the past. Cell phones, changes in demographics, and out and out lying to the pollsters are some of the reasons. Maybe it is time to stop trusting in stupidity!

7. I cannot end this edition of Stop the Stupid without a shout out to my little bro. I mentioned in an earlier post that it was his intention as a summer project to make pies. He wants to become proficient in the art and science of pie-making. So far, he has made 8 pies of various varieties incorporating both sweet and savoury. The problem in all of this is that he is driving his family to drink!! He is so finicky about the crust and why is this one a bit darker than that one. He needs to understand the gluten content differences between American flour and Canadian flour. He has sent my poor sister-in-law out for supplies so often, that they know her on a first name basis at the kitchen ware store! He told me that in an average year, he probably eats 2 pieces of pie. This summer he has already consumed double digits. There is a lot that is stupid about this, but what gets me the most is that all that pie eating hasn't caused him to gain one f@#$*^g pound!! I think that I have gained more and I haven't eaten a single piece of pie!! Stupid!!!

Enjoy the weekend all. For those of you north of the border enjoy the long weekend!!

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