Saturday, 15 March 2008

Connectivity or how the Computer has become a great friend!

I'm baaaack!!!!
I know that for many out there, you are probably saying "Oh no-not again!" "She is NOT AGAIN going to subject me to more whining and cloying drivel on subjects that I have absolutely no interest in!" Well, to all of those in the crowd my response is-Frankly, I could not care less. Stop reading. Turn off the computer and find a more esoteric and intellectual past time. Nobody, least of all me, if forcing you to read my crap. I realize that this is not great art-but it is all mine!

The kitchen renovation blogs started as a way for me to keep my sanity throughout an extremely invasive period in my life. It was also a way to keep my snowbird parents apprised of the progress (or lack thereof) during the construction process. There was, however a strange side benefit that developed. I found that I kind of liked the writing. I found it extremely cathartic. It allowed me a forum to vent all of my frustrations, not only those related to the kitchen chaos. Now, here is the strange part. People were actually reading my thoughts. It was as if I were keeping a personal journal that wasn't all that personal. I was getting e-mails and calls from friends and acquaintances that were wondering when the next installment was arriving. (I was also getting e-mails and calls from some people begging to removed from my list, although those were fewer, but ruder.) I was also being stopped in local haunts by people that I really did not know all that well. Some had be forwarded my blog. Some were going through a similar experience and wanted to tell me their stories. All in all, the entire experience (mostly positive) was one of complete self-awareness, kind of like the endorphins that are supposed to kick in during exercise. (Does that actually happen?) So, I have decided to continue my journal. (insert groans here!) It won't be nearly as frequent and it won't be as self-contained as the kitchen blogs, but it will be all mine. It will be sarcastic and self-loathing (Did you forget who was writing this crap?) and it will be opinionated as hell! (Again-this is DAWN'S blog!!!!) The computer, and more to the point the internet and social networking sites have opened up an entire vista for friendships and this type of interaction. Allow for some elucidation.

I am an extremely shy person. I know that many of you find that impossible to believe, but it is true. Performers in general, are often shy and it is through their performances that they show their true selves. Personal interaction has always been awkward for me and it is something that I have had to really work on throughout my life. This came as a great shock to my gregarious, life-of-the-party father. My dad is a people person. He is out there! He loves conversation and sitting still is not his thing. He truly could talk to a mannequin and elicit a response. Not surprisingly, he is in sales and he is damn good at it. Dad keeps up with friends, clients and acquaintances with equal verve. He absolutely LOVES the telephone. I, on the other hand, have a phone phobia. Always have. Hate it with a true passion. I was truly happy when automated systems entered our world, as it meant I didn't have to talk to a real person. I do not initiate phone calls! I still cannot figure out how one of my favourite people in the whole world, can gab away hours while simply attempting to find a diversion to folding her laundry. Just not my thing, even though I have been said diversion on many an occasion. But, my true salvation came with e-mail. Suddenly, the phone became a non-entity. Why call when you could IM? Why waste precious time on small talk when a two-line message could get the point across in 10 seconds? I realize that you lose a personal element, a touch, a sensitivity, but I was willing to lose. I know that e-mail cannot convey emotion. (no matter what the emoticons think!) And then came Facebook. All of a sudden, I had a whole whack of friends that I could keep up with without ever dialing a phone number. I discovered what their families were up to and how they were spending their days. I knew when they were stranded at the airports during storms, when they were playing hooky from work (some of you are playing an awful lot of scrabbulous during the work week) and when they were sick. I have actually learned a great deal about people l only had cursory knowledge of previously. I have gleaned recipes, discovered new theatre, had invitations to art shows and new business openings. I have played online scrabble and scramble and have discovered just how competitive some of you are. (OK-how competitive I am!) I have seen and posted pictures of simchas and crappy weather. I have found a new voice in writing this blog. And so, I will continue to explore with my new online world. Anybody up for Scrabbulous? Send me a game!

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