Monday, 3 December 2007

Old School or New Age

I am a cynic by nature. (I know that you are all absolutely shocked by this revelation, but you should now all close your agape mouths and continue reading-she says dripping with sarcasm!) The paradox here is that I am also very liberal. My brother calls me his pinko-commie Trudeau loving sister, which I take as high praise coming from a Harper-worshipping fascist Harrisite! (Note to all-believe it or not we really do get along well and love each other very much, as long as we avoid the hot-button topics of politics, religion, sex, money, Iraq, the environment and my personal favourite-GWB!!!) But, I digress. The problem with being a cynical liberal is that acceptance of new-age philosophy doesn't come easily. I find this is especially true in the area of relaxation techniques and stress alleviation. Being the type A that I am, relaxation obviously is difficult to obtain. The experts say that exercise is a key and I do my level best to keep up with my programs. But, let's be honest. How many of us really love to exercise? We do it because we know that we should, or because there is a social component involved. (i.e. we are meeting our friends at the gym and later spend two hours at Starbucks!) Can any of us admit that we TRULY LOVE to exercise? Certainly, the workouts keep my stress level tempered, but just as often I stress over the fact that I didn't work out as much or as often as I should!! Of course there is the accompanying sore muscles and exhaustion, but Dr. Oz says it relieves stress, so I do it! Some of my friends swear by their weekly adjustments with their chiropractors. Now, I love a good massage. A deep tissue, muscle relaxing all over massage. (Note to all the XYs out there-a massage can be JUST a massage!) A massage is truly relaxing in my books and I have been know to fall asleep more than once on the table, but I have a problem with chiropractic adjustments. I cannot for the life of me understand how twisting this vertebrae or that bone is going to cure my asthma! I have no problem with the muscular component but please do not try to sell me on it as a cure-all. (The opinions of this blog are strictly those of the writer. Please do not inundate me with proof text as to the benefits of chiropractics. It is not for me, but if you all want it--go at it!) I have tried yoga! As a workout it is top flight, but as a way of life, well.... Meditation is difficult for those of us who have trouble sitting still, and being in touch with my breathing is something that I live with every day. Meditative retreats? Not my thing. Can't see living in silence for any length of time. (I know there are those who wish I would be silent more often, but that is another story!) I don't like hot baths (more a shower girl) and hot milk has to be lactose free. I will not even seriously discuss reiki, crystals, fortune telling, talking to relatives on the "other side" or manipulation of my aura and chakras! I DO love a good book. I believe in vitamin supplements to replace what is not there. I love a massage. (I know that I already said this, but the husband needs to hear it again!) I believe you are what you eat and that healthy eating on all levels should help the body deal with all sorts of ills. There is nothing like a sauna or a good "shvitz" to help make the day disappear. Music is the salve that calms my aching soul. Crank up the ipod and the world is automatically at arm's length. We live in a stress-inducing world. We need to escape it now and then in order to maintain sanity. Having a bunch of strangers traipse in and out of my house for a month has been nothing short of mind-blowing. I have been doing my level best to cope with the issues, but husband, I am still waiting for my massage!

We have a new player here today. Cabinet Guy! Cabinet Guy showed up late Saturday afternoon with the entire array of cabinets and countertops. Amazing! I think I love Cabinet Guy. He is here now installing said cabinets. Older Son made the observation that we effectively had kitchen in a box with some assembly required. Hopefully some of that assembly will happen today and tomorrow. All of the appliances as still in their crates in the garage, but I think that they will get hooked up when Cabinet Guy is done. Hunky is starting to really piss me off. I will open it up to the floor to come up with a new name for him, as his hunkiness is surely a thing of the past. We may or may not have a deck by April!

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