Sunday, 22 March 2020

Musings From Self-Isolation-Day 6

Day 6

A week ago, I posted this article on Facebook. (Oh, God. Has it only been a week? It feels like years.) I really hope you will spend a few minutes reading it. It basically exposes some of the crappy rules, laws, and regulations that we have all been subjected to for decades and have never really questioned until crises like the one in which we are currently immersed come to the forefront.

I have been giving some thought to what the world, both small and large, might look like when we come out the other side of this mess and how we might do away with some of the archaic notions of what our society has been and what it should look like. Obviously, this will be an ongoing project but it couldn't hurt to take a look at a few off the top of my head.

Maybe, just maybe, Doug Ford might give sober second thought to that the basic income pilot project he axed in Hamilton and that it might have some merit right now, especially given the multitudes who will be needing financial assistance from the province over the next year to eighteen months.

Maybe, just maybe, governments, parents, and critics might recognize the yeoman job done by our teachers and other educators while they all try to homeschool. Our teachers are not greedy individualists. I have never once heard of or encountered a teacher who goes into the profession to get rich. This past week, my granddaughter's preschool put together home activity kits for their kids and waved from a distance as parents picked them up in a drive-by convoy. Teachers are wholly underappreciated by western societies. Pay them. Pay them, all.

Maybe, just maybe, we are finally realizing how important our minimum wage workers are. They are the ones who are restocking your grocery shelves, delivering your food, working your drive-thrus, and checking you out at your local mom and pop. A fair and living wage shouldn't be a debate. We here in Ontario pay a fourteen-dollar minimum only because our provincial leader rolled it back a buck when he came into office. Give these people their dollar back and more.

Today I learned that the TTC is not accepting paper transfers during the pandemic. Good. These proof of payment slips are relics from a bygone era. Presto should have eliminated the need for them for most riders, but many in our city cannot afford a Presto card or even the minimum amount of five dollars needed to activate the card. Fare enforcement on the TTC has become a lightning rod issue here in our city. Did you know that the fine for not paying your TTC fare is almost three times that of a parking infraction? Our most vulnerable have a right to basic transportation. These are discussions that are ongoing and difficult but we simply cannot continue to subsidize our public transportation by the farebox alone.

Yesterday, the minister of health in Ontario asked doctors, pharmacists, and patients to refill a single month's worth of prescriptions at a time to avoid hoarding and shortages. As someone who takes longterm medications for chronic issues and who usually has a six-month supply, I am certainly on board with the directive and will do my part. I only hope that pharmacies won't charge me six separate dispensing fees instead of the usual one.

I'm sure I will keep adding to this list. Please feel free to add your own to the comment section or on Facebook. I will publish them as they come in.

A few random thoughts.

I am getting a lot of ads in my email from bra brands I have previously purchased. Ladies, are any of you seriously wearing a bra while self-isolating? I will be doing laundry tomorrow and I expect to find only one in the hamper, the one I wore last week while travelling. Free the girls.

I started binge-watching Picard today and I have been delightfully reminded of my Patrick Stewart crush. I'm convinced that The Husband is going to look just like him in twenty or so years.

I received a gift today from the veggie fairy. Many of you saw my photo of tofu and canned beans on Facebook or Instagram. My family is truly the best family but I have to give a shout-out to the dozen or so of my dear friends who offered to shop, drop, and run stuff from the store or even their own pantries. I live in a good world and my friends and family are a huge part of why it is good. I hope to return the gestures and favours someday soon.

Today's music break comes from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as they all self-isolate. It is worth the time.

Wash your hands, don't touch your face, be kind, stay safe.

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