Saturday, 18 June 2016

Seattle and Home

We will be traveling all day today, so I thought that I would use the time to post one final time from this exquisite jaunt. Since we have been up since 3:00am in order to catch an early morning flight out of Seattle and a connection out of San Francisico home, and I am once again heavily medicated, I thought that I might write this missive as seen through the eyes of an eight year old, mostly because that is the extent of my brainpower at the moment.


Dear Diary,

This has been a really really really good vacation. Before we left Toronto, Barry promised me that I would see lots and lots of animals and mountains. He was right. We saw whales and seals and sea lions and sea otters and bald eagles and even a moose. Barry was sad because we didn't see any bears, even though Alaska is supposed to have lots of them. 

On Wednesday, we flew from Anchorage to Seattle. We would have gone to Vancouver, but there is only one flight a day from Anchorage to Vancouver and we wouldn't have had enough time, so we thought that Seattle looked like fun so we came here. Barry said that our flight had Wifi but we had to pay for it. I think that after paying all that money to fly, the Wifi should be free, but Barry says that's how airlines make their money. I think airlines are a ripoff. We didn't get to our hotel until really really late, so all we could do was sleep. 

The next day was Thursday. It was very sunny which was strange because I read on the interwebs that Seattle gets lots and lots of rain. We took the "link" which is kind of like a subway but lighter and faster. I remember our old Toronto mayor talking about how he didn't like these kind of trains because they would block cars. Barry says that these trains are cheaper than subways. Barry says that more people would get to use them. Barry says that they are faster. Barry says that our old mayor was a stupidhead who didn't know very much. Barry says that he died. That's sad, but I think that he was still wrong about subways. Seattle's fast trains on the roads are really fun and great. Lots of people use them every day. 

We got to ride to the top of the Space needle which is kind of like a baby CN Tower. We were really high and could see right across Puget Sound. We also got to go to a museum filled with glass art by a guy named Chihuly. It was pretty and it sparkled and it had lots of colours. I was worried that someone would trip and fall and break all the glass, but we were all very careful. I really like Mr. Chihuly's art. He really knows a lot about glass.

My favourite part of Thursday in Seattle was going to the EMP Museum and seeing all the guitars. I really like guitars. They had a Martin that was really old from the 1800's. I have a Martin guitar too but it isn't that old. I also liked the Martin guitar that used to be owed by one of my favourite folk singers, Woody Guthrie. He wrote lots of songs like "This Land is Your Land" and he carved a message into the back of his guitar that said "This machine fights fascism." I think Barry might be mad if I carved a message into the back of my Martin guitar because it cost a lot of money. 

We also saw a whole room that was all about an old rock star named Jimi Hendrix. He was a really good guitar player from a long time ago and he was born in Seattle. We also saw a whole room that was all about a rock group called Nirvana. They were also from Seattle. It was sort of interesting. I don't really like a lot of their music. Barry says it's 'cause I'm too old and their music is for younger kids. 

On Friday, we went to Pike's Place Market. Barry says that it is one of the oldest farmer's markets in the United States. There were so many people buying stuff. I almost got crushed. We saw some men throwing fish. It was silly. I  really liked the market. There were so many things to eat and see and it is all fresh. We also took a boat tour around the harbour. It was cold and wet because it was finally raining like the interwebs said. Anyway, I am tired of being on boats. I think I will stay off them for a little while. After lunch, Barry took me for a Frappucino at the very first Starbucks location. He took my picture there. He says it was meta, whatever that means. 

We went back to the hotel early because we had to get up really really early to go to the airport. I think early morning flights are stupid, but it was the only way for us to get home without arriving in the middle of the night. Barry says it's because of something called time zones. I think time zones are stupid. 

This was a really fun vacation. Barry says that we will take another one soon. I like to travel but I also like being at home. See you soon Toronto.

**Note:  The Husband is a really good sport about these blog posts. 

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