Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This year during NaBloPoMo, my Almost Wordless Wednesday posts will be of remarkable images that absolutely blew me away this year. They simply defy appropriate description.

Today's picture comes from our July trip to Newfoundland. We were given fair warning as to the multitude of icebergs visible from all over the province, but we were unprepared for the stunning beauty when confronted with it. The shades of lapis lazuli, azure, and cerulean were positively breathtaking.

Mother Nature certainly put on a show for the east coast this year, but we cannot and should not forget that the increase in bergs has been scientifically attributed to a gradual warming of the planet and of  the breaking down of the polar icecap. There is something disconcerting about taking in the beauty while simultaneously worrying about our fragile earth.

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