Friday, 3 October 2014

On This Day...

A Personal Thought for the Day

To Whomever:

This year I have no answers. I have no great morsels of self-awareness to offer.

I only have questions. 

Questions that hang in the air like limp helium-deprived balloons. Questions that have banal and vapid responses. 

I don't expect replies. I no longer rely on certainty. I can no longer utter the words as rote. The only truth I know is that nothing is as it once was.

I can only hope to help repair the brokenness. Mine. Others. I can only hope that we all can find comfort and peace in our togetherness, in the intertwining of each other's lives.

I am working on my cynicism, on my overly judgemental nature. I am trying to reforge a path that leads me in a comforting direction. I am searching for new meanings, new rituals. I remain consoled by music and nature. I remain comforted by love.

I am a work in progress. 

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