Friday, 25 January 2013

That's a Wrap, Folks

As I sit here in the Auckland airport awaiting the first of our three marathon flights that will wing us back to The Southern Home, I obviously find myself reflecting on the sights and sounds of the past month. It would be impossible to even attempt a recap of all that we have experienced because I have forgotten most of it anyway. Doesn't that just kind of suck big time? We planned and studied for this excursion for more than a year, and now I can't remember what we did in Hobart, let alone recall that Hobart is the capital of Tasmania. (I had to look it up!) It's that Fading Memory Disease that seems to have taken hold post 50. That's why we journal and take pictures, my friends. To remember all the places and events that you could have sworn you were at, but have absolutely zero recollection of. The human mind can be a cruel thing at times, can't it?

Rather than bore you with a recap of all that you might have read over the past 26 days, I thought that I would instead regale you with a few things that I didn't do while Down Under.

  • I didn't eat Vegemite. Vegemite is a dark brown paste made from yeast extract. It is used a a spread for sandwiches and crackers and sometimes used as a filling for pastry. It is an Aussie delicacy and as much a part of their heritage as boomerangs. It also looks and smells like something that one might find in an infant's diaper. I may have been desperately searching for vegetarian alternatives, but believe me when I say that I wasn't that desperate to eat.
  • I didn't see a single dolphin or penguin. (Everybody please join together for a collective groan of dismay!) Yesterday here in Auckland, The Husband graciously offered to take me to the aquarium that specializes in Antarctic creatures and has a full breeding program dedicated to the Emperor Penguin. I graciously declined his offer for two reasons. Firstly, if we went to the aquarium I would forever be denied all whining rights associated with being able to claim that I came all the way down here and didn't see a single penguin. Secondly, I really wanted to view the creatures as they were meant to be and happy in their natural habitats. That was my single greatest joy throughout this trip....catching purely candid glimpses of animals as they interacted with us on their own terms. If the dolphins and penguins chose not to visit me during my time here, I can deal with it.
  • I didn't suffer from motion sickness. (By that I mean that I didn't puke. There were several instances of wooziness, but it all stayed within.) Yay me!! Of course I still have to endure three more flights, so there is still time! Travelling is so much more fun without the constant upheaval. Everybody cheer for 21st Century medicine.
  • I didn't read a single newspaper; hard copy or online. I did see a couple of cable news channels like MSNBC, BBC, and Fox (Ugh!!) so I wasn't totally out of touch. We know about Netanyahu's election faceslap, Obama's inauguration, and the upcoming HarBowl. (thanks for that one Older Son!) But, I think that I now know what 95% of the world feels like being blissfully ignorant about world affairs. There is great peace in stupidity. The problem is that I am neither a peaceful nor a stupid person. It all begins again in earnest on Monday.
  • I didn't shop all that much. T-shirts and trinkets.....and a didgeridoo! Sorry family. I love you all, but this is an expensive part of the world. Diet Cokes cost $3.50. I hope that you are satisfied with t-shirts and trinkets.
  • I (we) didn't do all that much here in Auckland. It is a beautiful city that is surrounded on all sides by water. The people here nickname it the City of Sails because of the over-abundance of boats, but we were content to just walk around. There are hills a la San Francisco and traffic a la downtown anywhere. Ferries will take you to neighbouring islands for shopping or picnicing, or an easy to use transit system is at the ready to transport you throughout the city. It is the beginning a long summer weekend here, and the locals couldn't escape fast enough. We were just at our end. Tired and spent. Next time....Auckland deserves a do-over.
So.....that's a wrap folks. I have appreciated all of the comments, Facebook likes, emails and such. I was told by my cousin to stop apologizing for this blog. I guess it is old insecurities popping back up that anybody would actually care about what I have to say. It still floors me...this interweb thingy. Thanks for coming along for the ride, even if only virtually. I will return to my former rantings and ravings when I have a chance to decompress. For those of you in The Great White North, The Husband will be happy to brief you all in person. He returns next week.

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  1. Isn't it sweet that you can travel around the world and see so many places that you can't even remember them all and return to your Southern Home where you frequently see dolphins frolicking about. Sometimes you don't have to look any further than your own backyard :) Welcome home!