Thursday, 17 January 2013

I've Never Been So Happy to be Cold!

An absolutely accurate re-creation of my morning's wake up told to you all with hardly any embellishment whatsoever.

7:10 am: The Husband rolls out of bed for what I believe will be his normal morning routine. I am totally comatose, as should every normal person be at this ungodly hour on vacation. All of a sudden there arose such a clatter. (Ok. I borrowed from Clement Moore, but that's what it sounded like!) The Husband fully clothed in only a bathrobe, threw open our stateroom curtains and screamed,

"Oh my God! Photo op!!"

I almost hit the ceiling as I jumped three feet out of my skin. Still with my eyes closed and my mind still lingering in the last throes of a dream that will probably require intensive and extensive therapy to sort through, I soporifically mumbled something sensitive like,


He was already outside in his bare feet, (morning temperatures hovered around 8C) camera in hand snapping away at what could only be described as f***ing amazing. Sorry for the vernacular, but this place defies a proper description. We have entered Fiordland National Park and are currently cruising through Milford Sound. Throughout the rest of the day we will also enter into George Sound and Dusky Sound. (Don't they ring true as the names of a strange 60s trio? Perhaps part of the British Invasion?) We have scurried around the ship to scan out the best views possible, but it seems that we are in the prime real estate right here in our cabin. The Husband is afraid to leave for fear that he will miss "the shot". But, honestly. Who can blame him? The combination of white wispy fog and pillowed clouds pinned effortlessly against an azure sky, paint the perfect backdrop for the steep crystalline rocks that seem to just emerge as if grown out of the turquoise waters. (How poetic was that?) We spy glaciers in the distance and a slight snow (yes snow!) covering on some of the mountain ridges. Apparently it has rained relentlessly here for the past several days, but today the skies are clear, crisp, and absolute perfection. They tell me that fur seals were spotted on one of the craggy inlets, but sadly we missed them this time. Hopefully we will se more later today.

It is truly fascinating that there is approximately 5 metres of fresh water that sits layered on top of the sea water below. That water layer is constantly fed by rains rushing down the intense waterfalls around the Sound and by glacial H2O.

A shout out to my friend The Kayak Lover. The early morning sunrise saw a multitude of paddlers in the sound. Can you even imagine the view from that perspective? I think that maybe I have discovered your next adventure.

Sometimes pictures are definitely worth more than words. Check out a few from the artistic eye of The Husband. Today is the absolute definition of scenic cruising.


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