Sunday, 25 November 2012

Gus and The Grandparents

The grand-puppy came to spend a few days.

Cute, isn't he? His people were terribly excited to watch the Buckeyes pummel the Wolverines in the flesh, so The Husband and I became babysitters for this American Thanksgiving long weekend. He came to us totally equipped. Equipped with copious amounts of paraphernalia, toys, food, treats, medication, and above all...instructions. Things we should absolutely do and things that we should absolutely avoid. He has spent time here before and is quite comfortable within our walls, but every day in the life of a five month old puppy is like thirty-five in people days. Change is the only constant. So, while Younger Son and his Young Lady had the best of intentions in detailing their instructions, they failed to note the fluidity of puppydom.

Here are a few examples of the expectation versus the reality.

His Day Bed
Where he actually sleeps during the day
His food bowl
Where he demanded I place the food, because he was afraid of the bowl
The time we were told to expect him to awaken on the weekend
The time he actually woke up on the weekend
His myriad of chew toys
That on which he would rather chew
That with which he would rather play. Look carefully for the nose and tongue prints
His bathroom
Where he thought his bathroom was on day 1
We are new to this grandparent thing, but I think that I have finally figured out why it was that I had to de-program my own kids every time they went to stay with Bubby and Zaidy. I think I've got it. The key to a successful grandparenting experience. Ready??
  1. Go with the flow. 
  2. Don't get too worked up if the kids aren't doing exactly what their parents had hoped they would. 
  3. Spoil them just a bit. (ok. Maybe more than just a bit. After all that is where all the fun is!) 
  4. Show them off to all of your friends.
  5. Return them in one piece so that nobody is the wiser to all the damage you have inflicted upon the progeny and their best intentions. 
It's been fun Gus. Time to go home!

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  1. Aw, look at that little face. It'd make your heart melt. Hope you're indulging in a little r&r over what's left of the weekend.