Sunday, 4 November 2012

10 Things You Will Never Hear Me Say (Well....Probably Never!)

It is still fairly early in this blogging marathon and it occurred to me that some of my visitors may not have a great handle on where the randomness of the internet has landed them. I thought it prudent to perhaps give some of the newbies to this site a better grasp on who I am and what I am all about, even if I am still not certain myself. Hence I offer up 10 Things You Will Never Hear Me Say, although never is a very long time and I hate to restrict myself ad probably.
  1. "Mmmmmm......I really feel like eating eggplant today." 
  2. "Let's go Yankees!!"
  3. "Yes... Of course! I am a huge fan of reality television. I especially love all of those singing and dancing shows. The talent there is truly astounding!"
  4. "Hey Husband.....Let's plan our next vacation to a ski resort!"
  5. "Pantyhose and high heels are mankind's greatest inventions since toast!"
  6. "8 hours of sleep? Of course I get a solid 8 hours of sleep every single night, and I wake up refreshed and happy and raring to start my day!"
  7. "I'm just fine with that seven letter bingo that crossed the triple-word space and scored you 112 points in our Words With Friends game. And, of course it doesn't matter that I have never heard of the f*@#ing thing even though you tell me that it means a weapon used by a pygmy tribe in sub-Saharan Africa. It's all good!"
  8. "Mick!"
  9. "Cats rule, dogs drool."
  10. "Mitt Romney has it all going on. He and his party just make so much sense for women of a modern age. I truly wish that I had a vote in this election so that I could cast it for him and all of those forward thinking men."
A clarification on number 10.........I can honestly say that one is pretty much set in stone as something I would NEVER say.

My father the philosopher always told me that the world is diverse and that is why they make chocolate and vanilla. I certainly don't expect you all to agree with my list, but I would love for you to add your own. C'mon....something that I would never hear you say. Comments are open.


  1. You'll never hear me say "Come on, Dawn, enough with the music, stop already"

  2. How about...Hey guys, let's hear some more rap music....and crank it up.

  3. You'll never hear me say: "ten things you'll never hear me say are..."

  4. How about... I don't need to read the book, I'm sure the movie is much better!