Thursday, 9 August 2012

We Are A Mile High

The Husband and I have been talking about this trip for so long, that it seems almost surreal that it has a finally begun. We left muggy and humid Toronto early this morning, only to land in muggy and tres humid Denver in the middle of mountain time morning. This is the first airport experience in dog's years that has gone smoothly. I didn't get stopped by US customs believing me to be a suspected terrorist smuggling contraband throat lozenges, nor did I get an unwanted hand-job from a truly hard up security worker. We came, we scanned, we flew! How novel? We managed in the system as it is actually supposed to run.

Denver International puts Pearson to shame. I cannot fathom how we will ever be considered a world class city with an airport right out of the twentieth century. Denver has done it right. A myriad of restaurants, shops, information kiosks, and helpful staff. They even handed us a link so that we can rate them after our trip. Pearson's staff runs screaming from passengers as if lit afire. Our bags were waiting for us and there was a prerecorded message from the mayor personally welcoming us to The Mile High City. Hands up if you think that Toronto's mayor would be a great opening site for tourists to behold?

We are only staying in Denver for a very short time before we begin our trek southward towards Colorado Springs. We spent the day in the beautiful downtown core. We passed right by Coors Field and I experienced a pang of remorse when I realized that we couldn't see a Rockies game because they are on the road. Gorgeous looking digs, though. The 16th street mall is what Yonge Street wishes it were. Several miles of closed-to-traffic pedestrian malls filled with shops and restaurants. We meandered over to the Capitol building and were struck by the fact that all of the flags on government buildings are still flying at half-staff to honor those murdered by a madman. 

I was fascinated by the stunning 19th century architecture on Pennsylvania Street and was enthralled by the Molly Brown house and museum. Not so enthralled to wait in the heat for two hours for the tour. From her photos Molly looked more like Kathy Bates than Debbie Reynolds. That musical just wouldn't have worked at all had she played herself. 

We stumbled upon a food truck festival in front of the US mint. 20-30 of the finest cuisine one has ever tasted. It was incredible. Not a tube steak in the bunch. 

I had been warned by many about altitude sickness, but I must admit that I feel just fine. It is probably because I am totally hungover from my motion sickness meds taken for the plane, so I am basically kicking the altitude's ass. 

We are psyched and excited, but also a bit worn out by the heat and the time difference. A light dinner and a good night's sleep and onward we go.


  1. You're off to a great start! Enjoy!

  2. Hey Dawn, I haven't been to the Toronto airport, but Denver really does have a great airport... I lived there for a year back in the 1990s. It's a great intro to all of the mountains. Altitude sickness always got me... I learned to take Motrin about an hour before landing in Denver, and drinking lots of water. That seems to do the trick!

    Enjoy your trip!