Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pink Jeep!

A few thoughts from today in Sedona.

As I sit here gazing out at the Red Rocks from our hotel balcony, I am struck by the tremendous order that has seemingly grown out of chaos. It reminds me of days from long ago. Did any of your kids ever experiment with Play Doh? All of those bright colours packaged in individual containers, coursing with vibrancy. Until your three year old got his hands on them and squished it all together into one awesome creation. That Is what these rock formations remind me of. Colours and shapes that seem random, yet come together in such a way as to provide the viewer with a tremendous sense of the mysteries of the universe.

I went off-roading in the rocks today. Anybody who knows me well will certainly ask the question, "And so Dawn.....Did you puke?" The answer is a happy and unqualified no, although my ass does feel a bit like it was given three years of birthday whacks simultaneously. We did a two hour jeep tour of the scenic rim and ascended an additional two thousand feet to the top of the Mongollon Rim. Our guide Mike from Pink Jeep Tours was wildly entertaining and so patient with all of us newbies to the area. The panoramic views were astounding, although a wrong foot placed here or there.....well I will leave that image up to the sick imaginations of you, my readers.

It poured late this afternoon and it didn't at all dampen anything that I am feeling about this incredible place. In fact, the rain gave the rocks a whole new pallette of colour.

I have just about run out of adjectives. How else to say...beautiful, glorious, awe-inspiring, stunning, gorgeous. Help me out. Get out your thesaurus and find me some new words. Post them here or on my Facebook page. I have a few more days of blogging to take care of for this trip.

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