Friday, 17 August 2012

A Pre-Shabbat Hike

Shabbat Shalom to all who observe. We spent a wonderful pre-Shabbat at Red Rock Crossing in the Coconino National Forest so that we might hike the trails and climb up to the notch to get the best view of Cathedral Rock.

We hiked for more than four hours and over seven miles. Who knew that us old folks still had that in us? We crossed creeks in our shoes, climbed steep inclines to the some of the best views we have seen, (and that is saying a great deal) chatted with fellow hikers, and just flat-out had a great day. There is tremendous serenity in the natural beauty given to us. There is no doubt in my mind that we are all charged with protecting this precious gift.

We were dirty,dusty, and tired, but ever so content.

We meandered down to the creek upon our return, and decided to just chill a bit with the hundreds of ducks that seem to call this place home. They were in full-throated quack mode. I joked with The Husband that they all seemed to be getting ready to sing L'cha Dodi with us to help welcome Shabbat.

A few more quicks hits from our time here in Sedona.

The cicadas are positively orchestral in their chants.

There is a great deal of New Age stuff around here, but it is surprisingly non-judgemental. The locals seem perfectly comfortable with the skeptics like me.

The peace that I am feeling today is making this a pure Shabbat Shalom. We will be sorry to leave Sedona tomorrow, but look forward to the final leg of our trip in Phoenix.


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