Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Joint Blog Post

Today's post is a joint venture between my mother and myself.

It hasn't been an easy week around my family. Without delving into the details, suffice it to say that all of our emotions have been on a razor's edge. Yesterday in a conversation with my mother, she told me that she had decided to take a break from the chaos and start to go through her photos from her latest trip to the Galapagos Islands. I had briefly mentioned this most recent adventure of my parents' in a post from earlier this month. My parents are world travellers and while they love to relax on a beach from time to time, they much prefer destinations where the sights are less pedantic. A trip to an "almost untouched by human hands" part of the world is just the kind of vacation that thrills them.

My mother is a remarkable woman, although she would strenuously and vociferously argue the point. She has an artist's eye for composition and it is this sensibility that makes her a phenomenal photographer with absolutely no training whatsoever. She told me during our conversation yesterday that sorting through her pictures brought her an element of peace and happiness that calmed her frayed nerves. I asked her to forward me a couple so that I might share her awareness, and when they arrived I was absolutely stunned by their beauty, artistry, and grace. I asked her if I might share some of them with the blogosphere and she readily agreed--to all of our benefit. Every single one of these photos was taken by my mother. All the rights and copyrights to the material belong to her, so please be sensitive to that before sharing. In other words-just ask. I am certain that she will say yes.

Red-Footed Boobies

Sea Turtles doing the Deed

Getting a better view

The look!

Black Widow-Gentlemen Beware

Sally Lightfoot Crab-Related to Gordon?

New seal pup having lunch-I love this picture!!

Iguana Community
C'mon Dad! Time to go!!

Watching and Waiting

She was absolutely right. Pure, simple joy. Thanks Mom for the glimpse into a magical trip. The perfect antidote to a difficult week.


  1. Pictures are really cool. Props to Auntie Sheila:)
    (I'm pretty sure that's not a black widow spider though...)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Actually it is. She held it and saw the famous hourglass markings on her belly. :)