Monday, 25 October 2010

My Favourite Tweets from Municipal Election

Some of my favourite tweets from election night 2010 in the Big Smoke.
  • From flyguyPR: Calgary meet traditional Toronto politics (Mr. Nenshi). Toronto meet traditional Calgary politics (Mr. Ford)
  • From moongoddess: Next time, Vote Quimby!...oh wait, you already did... sigh 
  • From livinginthepost: if you voted Ford, you no longer have any right to make fun of the Tea Party in the US.
  • From torontocranks: Wonder how things would have been different if Giambrone had managed to keep his pants on?
  • From JasonJHughes: Rob Ford is the Nickelback of Mayors. All the votes, yet no one admits to voting for him
  • From JayGoldman: To those of you who voted for Rob Ford: Congrats! you have just George Bushed our city. Thanks
  • From AntoniaZ: Dunno what's scarier. Rob Ford as mayor or Ben Mulroney on a political show
  • From snotforprofit: The Penguin is the mayor of Gotham City!
  • From LaurAlexisBanks: I've never ever been this discouraged by the democratic system. What a horrendous gong show. (Note: This is about the travesty of an election in Vaughn!!)

Twitter was the most entertaining part of the entire evening. I am without words myself, so I turned to the witticisms from the Twittersphere. Thanks guys.

****UPDATE!!! Lest those of you who reside in the City Above Toronto think I am generally unhappy with the election results, I am not. What does stun me, however is that the citizens of this town could return the former mayor to office as a regional councillor in spite of the fact that he is awaiting trial for election spending issues and the fact that he was in the pocket of the developers that have brought the city to near ruin.

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  1. My personal favourite, sadly, anonymous: It's the first time I've ever been jealous of McDonald's. At least they've got Mayor McCheese.