Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Is this Biblical?

Our synagogue parking area has been playing host all spring and summer to a family of turkey vultures. At first it was just Mama and Papa swooping down to haunt and terrorize unsuspecting congregants, as they attempted to protect their nest in a dead hollow right in front of the office door. Several weeks ago, the fledglings hatched and the happy family stayed cloistered in the tree. Last week, Mom pushed her two babies from the nest in an effort to accelerate their flying learning curve. Unfortunately, as many of us parents can attest, the kids weren't quite ready to fly on their own, and have hence set up shop on the porch in front of the temple office. They hiss and regurgitate loudly whenever anybody comes near, but they are for the most part, harmless. That hasn't stopped the mom vulture from swooping and protecting, and it has forced the rescheduling and relocation of several synagogue evening meetings so that we don't accidentally collide with the young 'uns in the dark. I have thought since this whole nature/city interaction began, that there is something extraordinarily biblical about vultures circling a synagogue. Without sounding morbid or apocalyptic, it does bring a certain mortality concept into the discussion of organized religion, and whether or not we have truly captured the needs of our members. I will leave that open for discussion and invite you all to comment. In the meantime, enjoy my buddy the baby vulture. I think I will name him.......? Anyone?


  1. Victor? Voltaire? Vinny? Culture?

  2. I know his name, it is....BEN!

  3. I think the vultures are past presidents reincarnated! Perhaps they are trying to tell us to get our house in order.

    I'm just saying....

  4. Dawn

    The scientific name for a Turkey Vulture is "Cathartes Aura". Which translates as follows; Cathartes = Katharsis, and Aura derives from Aureus which means Golden. In other words the translation into our terms is (and I swear I am not making this up) GOLDEN PURIFIER!!

    The answer to your question is this Biblical, is an emphatic YES!!! I think Auby is right, at least the part about getting our house in order.