Sunday, 4 January 2009

Strange Goings On to Begin the New Year

One of the strange by-products that has come out of this blogging thing, is the oddity that I am able to track who stops by to visit my site and from where they are logging on. Please do not misunderstand this practice. I cannot in any way determine who individual users are, nor can I discern anything more than an IP address, which to the computer idiot like myself, means absolutely nothing. I subscribe to an online statcounter (one of many that are available for free!) and through them I can view a myriad of stats, most of which are about as logical to me as is the Russian language, but every so often I am intrigued by the global power of the Internet and I check out the traffic. Most of the time the voyeurs to my site come from my hometown, as is befitting a small local blog like mine. Every now and then, I can see that a few of my American friends have had a minute or two to kill and thus, decide to waste it on my ravings. But, once in a while I get hit on by the obscure. I have had viewers from Australia, Pakistan, Viet Nam, and Egypt. Usually, these folks have stumbled upon on my blog either because they are sleep deprived and have nothing better to do in the wee hours of the morning then surf, or they have conducted a Google search for something specific and their search engines flagged a singular and peculiar word or phrase from my blog. This morning yielded just such a hit. This morning, I received a hit from that great bustling metropolis and home to the most famous unwed teenage mother in the country, Wasilla Alaska! (By the way-Mazel Tov on the birth of your grandkid, Sarah!! When is the bris? I'll send a gift!) It seems that someone (wink, wink!!) in Wasilla was conducting a google search using the keywords "Jewish Men Hairy" and for some reason was directed to my blog post about hairy Jewish men not wearing kilts. Now, here is the big money question-Is Moose-Hunting Sarah doing market research or is she looking for a shidduch, a match, for one of her brood? Is she concerned that we Jews are a tad hairy for the likes of ivory-skinned Bristol, Willow or Piper, or did she by chance have an encounter with Sasquatch and mistake the mythical beast for one of my people? Sarah, bubbelah, let me put your mind at ease. It is true that many of my people, both men and women, can be considered somewhat hirsute, but it shouldn't be a disqualifying genetic characteristic. I would think that hairy individuals would be commonplace in your neck of the woods. Not only that, hairy is warmer! If you are still not convinced, then I am certain that the Republican National Committee would be happy to pony-up for waxing or laser removal. Just send them the bill!

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