Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Watching an Obamamercial!

I have NEVER seen anything like this before. Barack (the game changer) Obama is currently on almost every US network and even a few cable channels, attempting to bring his final arguments to the voters. This is the biggest infomercial I have ever witnessed. I half expect Ron Popeil to jump out and shill the "Pocket Fisherman" or some other new-fangled gadget that you "set and forget!" The mere fact that I am sitting here watching the junior senator from Illinois attempt to sway undecideds in prime time and not my beloved Pushing Daisies, is testament to the passion that I have come to feel for this man and his campaign. This is a get-out the vote video. This is a video that is telling the real stories of real people. This is a video that is meant to show the man as presidential, successfully I might add. (I even like the shots of him sitting on his desk that are obviously meant to convey a smaller and more hamish Oval Office!) This is a man and a political campaign that has truly and with vision, learned how to appeal to the 21st century voter. This is a candidate that understands the variance and vagaries of the new media and the outreach of the information age. He shows his youth and vigour every single time he changes the way that the game of politics is played. Will it work? Will he win? Only the American voters can determine the outcome, but the world is closer to finally entering the new millennium than at any time over the past eight years. On Tuesday November 4th, please vote for the future that you see on your TV screens this evening and not the moldy past.

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