Thursday, 18 September 2008

Election Trivial Bullshit Edition of Stop the Stupid!!

Again, I am extremely pressed for time, so I will try and give you a few little hits for this week's edition of Stop the Stupid.

1. In attempting to discover how my newly legal Younger Son might register to vote in the upcoming federal election, I sought out help from the Elections Canada website. Since the FAQs didn't adequately answer my question, I sought to send them an email. After surfing through several pages, I finally came upon the address. Here is the kicker!! When I attempted to access the email, I was greeted with the message that all email to Elections Canada has been disabled until after the election!!! Huh? Isn't this their function? To answer questions from a confused public? Please don't deluge me with e-mail as to how Younger Son can vote. I figured that out on my own, no thanks to the geniuses in the civil service whose job it is to sort out election issues!!! They must think that election time is prime time for their holidays!!! STUPID!!

2. Yesterday, CNN took a full three minute segment out of their election coverage, to discuss the fashion statement that is Sarah Palin's eyeglasses. It seems as though the world at large is struck dumb with admiration over the governor's choice of ocular aids. So much so that they are sold out everywhere and there is a two month waiting list!! Tell me, why is this relevant to the election? Hasn't it become ridiculously apparent that as a society we are focusing on the trivial and ignoring the fact that this woman has yet to deal with a true Q and A? The United States is facing real problems in real world areas, and yet the focus is on stupidity like "lipstick on a pig" and her glasses! Wake up folks. You are electing the next president and vice president, not the next American Idol!!

3. Opinion polls have become a nuisance. I think that we should all take my father's approach. He and my mother have been up to their ears in polling for almost two months now, due to the fact that there was supposed to be a by-election in their riding before the general took hold. He decided that polling had become intrusive and inaccurate and he wanted to add to that ridiculousness. Whomever called his home, no matter which candidate or party they represented all received the same answer. "Can we count on your vote on election day?" "Absolutely!!" was my dad's response. Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Green all think that there are 2 sure votes coming from my parents. I think that this is a hoot. The husband and I have taken to responding in kind. If they call or come to the door, they all have our support. I love this new poll-skewing power I have discovered. It make the whole stupid process a bit more palatable.

4. How hysterically funny was the SNL skit lampooning Hillary and Sarah? I literally laughed until I peed. Tina Fey was brilliant and she nailed it. Then comes news from Republican pundits that they think that by casting Sarah as an "airhead" it was truly sexist. I consider myself a feminist and honestly I cannot figure out why this was sexist. Biting? Yes!! Satirical? Absolutely!! But, sexist? I think that the Republicans are using this as yet another red herring designed to to divert our attention from the real issues. Maybe if Ms. Palin would adequately answer some real and tough questions, instead of only being cast in scripted interviews, she might adequately put to rest the idea that she isn't prepared for the job. (Doubt it!) Pay attention folks!! The economy, health care, the war, energy are the real deal. Stop with the trivial bullshit. It is time to get serious. As Arianna Huffington stated "Sarah Palin is a Trojan Moose concealing 4 more years of Bush."

Shabbat Shalom to all who observe!!

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