Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Weekly Stop the Stupid!!!

This weekly post is way to easy to write!! There is so much stupidity in the world!! It is truly pervasive in every news report, political commentary and in the verbiage of every talking head that thinks that there is vast importance in what they say!! So, without further delay, the weekly STOP THE STUPID!!!

1. The weekly idiocy from the Stupid in Chief comes from this week's G8 summit in Japan. You would think that after almost 8 years on the international stage, the dillweed would have learned to curb his sophomoric behaviour. Instead, dumbass draps his arm around the President of Nigeria and yells across the room at our Prime Minister: "Yo, Harper!! Look! The president of Nigeria!" Does this man have absolutely no sense of dignity or decorum? Do not the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Nigeria deserve to be addressed by their given names by the leader of the world's only superpower? I truly believe that the Commander in Chief of Stupid uses nicknames and the like because he cannot remember who these people are!! 6 months and counting!!!!

2. There was news this week that the American Family Association (a euphemistic title that basically describes an anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-fun group that cloaks their hatred in the teachings of the church and it's supposed morality) is calling for a boycott of McDonald's. Why, you may ask? It seems that Mickey D's is a charter member of the National Gay and Lesbian chamber of commerce. This group advertises to the gay and lesbian community, a demographic that has been chronically omitted from mainstream advertising and public relation campaigns. As a member of this chamber of commerce, McDonald's is reaching out to this community as matter of good and solid business practice. The right wing stupids at the AFA don't see it that way. They stated that McDonald's is "promoting a gay agenda" and as such is worthy of their 5 million members boycotting. McDonald's stayed out of the fray and refused to comment on this abject stupidity and bald faced hate-mongering!!

3. In a recent survey on what Americans perceived as to what qualities the next president should possess, 41% of respondents stated that it was very important that the head honcho sport an American flag lapel pin. 41%!!! Since when is affixing a pin to one's suit a prerequisite for the presidency? Shouldn't it be more important that the next president have a coherent plan for fixing the economy? Maybe the next prez should know how to get out of Iraq or Afghanistan. May he should understand the health care crisis where 60 million Americans are currently uninsured and tens of millions more are underinsured!! A lapel pin? But then these are the same stupid people who sort of elected W twice!! OY!

4. The husband and I had occasion to visit the downtown core earlier this week, and we saw something that was both disturbing and slightly stupid. Toronto's finest employ officers on bicycles in several areas of the city during the nicer weather. As we rode along Shuter St, we spotted 4 such cops on their two-wheelers. There were two women and two men. The women were strong, fit and looked very comfortable on their Schwinns. The guys on the other hand were grossly out of shape. They were both many pounds overweight and their expansive tushes overflowed the bike saddles. What worried me was that if these two cops had to actually chase anyone down, they might expire! It seems to me that if the Toronto Police Services wants to put their officers on a fitness program, they should find a better way than putting them on bike patrol for the summer. Seems kind of stupid to me.

5. One man was gored and dozens more suffered injuries during the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain this week. There is nothing left to say. Earnest Hemingway romanticized a stupid stupid stupid tradition!

6. The leaders of the G8 countries met in Tokyo this week to discuss the world's problems. As they sat to discuss the world's food crisis and it's rising costs, the leaders were treated to an 18 course dinner. (this followed a 6 course lunch earlier in the day!) The menu included such delicacies as caviar, milk-fed lamb, sea urchin and tuna. The champagne and wine flowed freely. No wonder the world views it's politicians as profoundly and stupidly out of touch.

7. As I have previously blogged, James Taylor was in town on Tuesday and, in spite of the rain, it was a fabulous evening. But, I couldn't let this edition of Stop the Stupid end without one more dig concerning the wasteland that is the Molson Amphitheatre. As 15,000 fans were all departing the venue at the same time, the idiots at Ontario Place only had 1 gate opened at the exit. We watched with mocked amusement as some poor shlub attempted to locate a key to open the others. It took a good five minutes and, in the meantime, we all followed like drowned sheep in single file through the only open door. It was truly stupid!!

Have a restful Shabbat and a glorious weekend!!

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