Thursday, 29 May 2008

Eric Clapton Live!!!

We Canadians are a hearty bunch. We will endure weather extremes in order to enjoy our favourite entertainment options. Just look at the number of complete morons who will gather for an outdoor hockey game in February, or those same idiots who bare their chests for their hometown teams in frigid communities for the Grey Cup game in November. I will admit that when I planned to see the great "Slowhand" at the end of May at the Molson Amphitheater, I certainly did not anticipate temperatures in the mid single digits. The six of us were absolutely freezing our @#@$ off and that was with the winter gear and polar fleece blankets. Watching the almost 16,000 plus cram together in self-preservation while all the while sucking back Molson tall boys, was only half of the experience. The hot, unmistakeable sounds of Clapton's blues was the real draw and it was worth the mild frostbite. The husband and I were among the youngest in the crowd (with the clear exception of twin son's lovely XX who is responsible for the slightly distorted, but still viewable photos!) that was filled with aging Woodstock attendees and their progeny! The man can flat out play and when he pulled out an acoustic Martin dreadnought and a Martin twelve-string (very similar to my own) I was in heaven!! Turn on a bit of Eric and enjoy the photos!

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